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BOWLER - Reserved

7 approx.

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier.

Background: Came from a home situation where circumstances changed.

Feeding: Is a very fussy eater, but has finally decided she likes Raw Nature's Menu - Turkey flavour.

Sleeping: Sleeps in her fosterer's bedroom.

Toilet training: Is house trained, though an odd accident must be expected when first settling in.

Walking/Exercise: Despite being middle aged Bow enjoys off lead runs and long walks.

Children: 10 +

Other dogs: Is currently in foster with another dog. She can be a bit bossy and we think she'd enjoy a home where she got all the attention. When out walking she doesn't like being bothered by bouncy dogs in her face and will see them off.

Other animals:
Not a fan of cats and will bark at horses.

Other info: We were told Bowler had been neutered, this wasn't the case as she was in season when she arrived. She was previously in the company of an entire dog so she will be scanned on December 18th to see if she is in pup.

Bow is sweet little girl who loves to cuddle with her human, though does know her own mind and has on the odd occasion had a grump if moved when she doesn't want to be.

Bowler will require regular grooming to keep her coat knot free and in good condition. She will need to visit the groomer every 6-8 weeks, please factor this cost in if you are thinking of offering her a home.