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Delta - Homed

1 - 1 1/2 years

Lurcher, possibly whippet, greyhound, saluki mix

Found as a stray in S. Ireland

Has kibble twice a day. Enjoys his food and will try and eat the other dogs if given half a chance which is a habit that is being discouraged.

Sleeps in fosterer's bedroom.

Toileting training:
Is house trained and uses a dog flap.

Enjoys his walks. Has not yet been off lead.

10 + Has previously lived in foster with children

Other dogs:
Has lived with a mixture of large and small. He likes playing with other young dogs. He likes his own bed and can grump if others try to share.

Other animals:
Has previously been in foster with a cat, so could potentially live with a cat again. This would need to be retested.

Other info:
From the condition Delta was found in we know he hasn't had the care he deserved as a young dog. He is shy about coming through door ways when a human is in the way and will back off if you call and approach him. He will come to you for cuddles on his own terms. He has never shown any fear aggression and will only cower. He needs an understanding and patient family to help him feel safe.