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Homed Dogs

Here are some of the dogs we have fostered or transported and are now in their permanent homes.  Many have not had the best start in life and we are grateful to all our owners for giving these wonderful dogs the opportunity of a fresh start.  It makes all the hard work worthwhile seeing these rescue dogs happily homed.


Originally a stray from Ireland, Richie came to join us via Sighthound Strolls. He'd waited patiently for a home in Ireland but it wasn't meant to be. So he thought he'd come to Jersey to find himself an Irish owner! When Cliodhna spotted Richie in town with his 'I need a home' coat and then found out he originated from the same town as herself, it was like fate was playing it's hand. Richie has now been adopted by Cliodhna and Mark and is an exceptionally lucky boy as he goes off to doggy day care for fun and games week days then has his Mum and Dad all to himself at the weekend - the perfect life for Richie.


This little scrap won the heart of Nicky here in Jersey, but he was too poorly and malnourished to come over for quite some time.  His original rescuers at Cork Dog Action Welfare Group and his subsequent foster family worked miracles with this little bloke.  Finally in February we were able go to England to bring him back to his new home on the island - you will not believe the difference! It just shows what TLC can do.


This very beautiful little lad was only 6 months old when he came to foster with us.  He came from a home where he was very much loved but sadly his owner knew that to do the best by him he should go to a home where he could receive more exercise.  Star now known as Ziggy has indeed found a lovely new home with Lisa and Ryan. 


Mico is a pure whippet who came over from Ireland to stay with us until his forever home could be found.  At 9 months of age this lad needed the stability of a home where he was wanted.  He's quite a needy and clingy boy and often acted older than his months.  He needed a home where he would have constant company and the time and patience to help him settle in, in his own good time.  Thankfully he's found this special home with Eddie and Jade. A dear little fellow who we enjoyed having in our care.


7 year old Tasha found herself looking for a new home as her owners had moved house and their garden wasn't big enough!  She now lives very happily in an apartment, so having a garden was never an issue for poor Tash. The day she travelled to Jersey we received a call from Helen who was on the look out for an older whippet - perfect!  Tasha fostered with us for a few days and proved to be a little angel.  So well behaved, you just didn't know she was there. She soon moved in with her new Mum and is lapping up all the attention as an only dog. As you can see she soon discovered home comforts after being used to living in an outside shed.


A year old whippet boy who was no longer wanted and was being crated all day.  Not getting the attention or exercise he required he was in need of an experienced home to help bring him on.  Not for a first time owner Oscar fostered with us for 5 months until he was offered a home with Cheryl and her family both human and canine where he is very much loved despite being a bit of a pickle.


Who could resist this little lady?  That's exactly what we were worried about.  She was in a dog shelter where they don't bother to home check.  She was at risk of falling into the wrong hands, so we agreed that she should come to Jersey.  In this photo she's got mischief written all over her and she hasn't disappointed. She is very much loved by her family who soon learnt not to leave any food on the kitchen worktops!


Fletch was spotted in a north England pound where the welfare of the dogs leaves something to be desired.  A kind lady found him a rescue space with our friends at Greyhound Rescue Shropshire & Borders. From there he came to Jersey to look for a home.  He was homed but was badly let down by his owners who failed to care for his veterinary needs.  He came back to us and has now found the most fabulous home where he is very much loved and spoilt, just as he deserves.


Conor was another lurcher taken in and cared for by Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary before coming to Jersey.  He was a stray who looked like he had been worked.  His face is quite scarred.  He now has a very lovely life as an only child and is enjoying all the fuss and attention he can get from his Mum.


Not quite the whippet we were expecting but an Irish lurcher in need all the same.  As you can see Wills is most definitely a bull lurcher.  She's had a tough past and is fearful of men until she knows that she can trust them.  She is soon won round by a treat or two and has been an exceptionally loyal companion to her family.  We are so thankful to Hamish for standing by this girl who he adores when so many wouldn't have given her a second glance.


This little lad was found straying on a busy road.  Another Irish lurcher he was whisked away to safety.  We were due in the UK to collect Footy so we agreed to take this lad too.  Mikey was lucky to be offered a home with Footy but he turned out to be quite a handful, most likely missing out on important socialisation early in his puppyhood.  He came back to us and has remained as a permanent resident.  He's a loving chap but he does have a lot to say for himself and despite attending socialisation classes he continues to react to other dogs.


Jo-Jo was the first Irish hound we brought to Jersey.  She was handed to some children at country fair and from there went into the care of Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary. She only fostered with us for a couple of days as she was already booked to go to her new home.  She now lives with Callie and Meg the greyhounds and has since been joined by another of our girls Tori the whippet.


Coady was a stray lurcher found in Cork, Ireland and was taken in by the Cork Dog Action Welfare Group. He had a persistent limp which was investigated with the likelihood he had been hit by a car damaging his hip.  This was going to be a long job, so he came to Jersey for the surgery and the months of recuperation that was needed.  Once Coady was fighting fit he headed to his new home in St Clements and can be seen dashing round Gorey common with no indication that he has had his hip joint removed.  Thank you to his Mum and Dad for offering him a home.