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Rescuing Dogs from China

Jersey Rescue Dogs are committed to helping dogs worldwide and we are fund raising to help support the dogs rescued from slaughter houses in China.

Dogs are transported to China to face cruel deaths for the dog meat trade. Many are ex-racing greyhounds.

Sadly as the slaughter houses are so barbaric we will not share pictures or videos on our website as they are truly upsetting and heart breaking - however there has been wide media coverage recently that is available on the internet including the naming and shaming of airlines who transport the dogs to China.

Whilst waiting to be slaughtered the dogs live in poor conditions, many are emaciated and in urgent need of medical treatment. Needless to say many do not survive.

 Honey the greyhound at the sHELLter having been saved from the slaughterhouse

Honey the greyhound after being rescued

The good news is that there are people on the ground helping these dogs! Amazing work is being done to rescue the dogs from the slaughter houses, restore their health and find them new homes. However the rescues in China are inundated and there are still so many dogs needing rescuing. There is a worldwide request for help to fund the dogs treatment but to also rehome them.

One of the rescued dogs Honey will be joining the Sanctuary gang! She has received much needed love and care (as you can see from the pictures above) and will be arriving in Jersey soon.

Honey the greyhound and her foster Mum in China


  • Spread the word! Our voices are being heard but we need to put more pressure for this practice to be abolished. 

  • Help us fund raise. If you have a fund raising idea we would love to hear from you.

  • Donate to help fund the lifesaving treatment for the dogs and to help them find their loving homes like Honey.

Please contact us for further information or if you have any questions - thank you!

Also coming over to live with Gail at Greyhound Rescue Jersey HQ are Orion, Yin and Yang