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Xanos - On trial

Age: 13 months (as at Novemer 2017)

Breed: Lurcher - small greyhound size

Background: Came from Ireland. Found with his sister as a young puppy. Both pups had severe rickets but have now recovered.

Feeding: 2 meals a day, dry with a spoon of wet meat. His dinner doesn't touch the sides and he enjoys his treats.

Sleeping: He sleeps in his foster parents' bedroom

Toilet training: Very clean. Not one to scent mark.

Walking: Xanos wears a special escape proof harness when out as sudden and loud noises can really scare him and he'll back up at a moments notice. His harness has a special waist band that he can't back out of. He prefers quiet, country walks

Other dogs: He lives with a mixture and gets on with all he has met. He does enjoy typical lurcher play with the smaller dogs and his little best mate was a chihuahua cross.

Children: He hasn't lived with children but seems drawn to them and has met many when he's out and tries to snuggle with them. We would say he could live with children aged 4+.

Cats: He has met cats at the sanctuary he was at and didn't pay much attention to them, just had a bit of a sniff so the potential is there.

Other info. Due to Xanos having rickets, we have been advised by the vet that he should not be neutered until his growth plates have stopped growing. This will be at 18 months old approximately.

Xanos is such a gentle, soulful lad. We have a big soft spot for him here. He needs a family who will be patient and help him gain confidence in the outside world and who will partake in some of his favourite games with a ball and frisbee. Lucky family who get to home this boy.